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The best over the counter night cream should contain natural substances that will help reduce the signs of aging. These include reducing the lines and wrinkles on your skin and boosting the production of vital skin proteins.

Regular gym goer? Don't just go home without changing or just wiping off the sweat. Change into fresh and clean shirts. The sweat that dries up silently builds up an army of microorganisms, and together with all the dust and dirt that the air has to offer, it can result into acne. And take a shower before dumping your heads in between sheets! Keep your skin clean! It's such a nice feeling to doze off feeling fresh and clean than just jumping into bed and throwing your stilettos off the edge, right?

Touch your face as little as possible. This can be hard but can be done. There is dirt on so many things that you touch like doorknobs, phones, elevator buttons, and toilet doors etc. Washing your hands often, at least for a minimum of 24 seconds will ensure that the germs are dead.

3) Vitamins - Research has shown that people with vitamin A deficiency have a higher chance of being dogged by acne. Vitamin A is needed for repairing and strengthening skin cells. Vitamin A also helps in reducing and controlling the extra sebum production. In short, if you are looking for a fast home natural acne treatment, Vitamin A should be included as part of the regime.

Be very gentle when it comes to washing your body in those affected areas. You may not realize that your soaps and cleansers have some harsh ingredients in them. Changing the products you use to those that are all natural will be a great way for you to start controlling your acne. It could take a couple of weeks after such a change though for you to start to notice a difference.

But you did need to find a treatment that works to target your acne and what actually causes it. This isn't going to be just a simple cream, but a full system. Acne has many different causes that you have to address in order to treat it properly.

Many acne cure products claim to clear up acne through the use of a new diet. The whole idea is that, by cutting out certain foods that supposedly cause acne and replacing them with foods that supposedly don't cause acne, your body will begin cleansing itself of acne from the inside out.

Acne Free is 3 Days is a why not look here natural remedy that can be done at home and most of items you need can be found at home. It does not require a lot of spending - just determination on your part.